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HW Seeds is ready for the new tomato season - HW Seeds BV

HW Seeds is ready for the new tomato season

11 December 2020 - The new varieties for the production and harvest in 2021 have all been sown and will be placed in the greenhouse in January 2021.

The emerging of the seeds is very good and we can't wait to taste the new varieties again.

In the greenhouse in Winschoten we have set up both new crosses / hybrids and parent lines for production. Everything is done in-house and under GSPP standard.

In addition to the tests we have conducted all over the world, we are also testing the new varieties at another location in the Netherlands and Sweden.

On these locations, the new hybrid varieties are tested on rootstock under normal conditions in a greenhouse.

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Tomaatblaadjes - HW Seeds BV

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Tomaatblaadjes - HW Seeds BV

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