LED lighting in growth chamber

Innovating with tomatoes: LED lighting in growth chambers - HW Seeds BV

Innovating with tomatoes: LED lighting in growth chambers

11 December 2020 - HW Seeds is developing a “plug-and-play” production method for snack tomatoes in growth chambers. The development consists of a combination of an innovative tomato variety with an innovative cultivation method. The fully automated tomato cultivation in growth chambers is realized with special LED lighting under optimal growing conditions. High isolation of the greenhouse leads to minimal energy consumption. The possibilities to produce close to the consumer reduces transportation kilometers. Not all varieties are suitable for growing under these conditions, a long breeding analysis and process is necessary. We have several years of experience with growing under LED lighting and we are making great progress with our varieties. It is now a matter of further fine-tuning and optimization of the cultivation.

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Tomaatblaadjes - HW Seeds BV

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Tomaatblaadjes - HW Seeds BV

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