Orange-red and red. 45–50 grams. - HW Seeds BV

Orange-red and red. 45–50 grams.

HW Seeds offers a range of cocktail tomatoes, roughly divided into smaller types weighing 15-30 grams, medium varieties of 30-40 grams, and larger ones of approximately 50 grams.
The specific characteristics of HW Seeds's cocktails are as follows:

  • - Beautiful, shiny fresh fruit
  • - Wonderful, regular cluster structure
  • - Beautiful, strong crowns and green sections
  • - Good shelf life
  • - Low crack susceptibility
  • - High Brix
  • - High production

HW Seeds's cocktails are a feast for the eyes, and a taste explosion in the mouth.

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Tomaatblaadjes - HW Seeds BV

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