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The HW101 has a mini Santa shape, weighs 4 grams, is very crisp and provides a taste explosion in the mouth. It has a very good shelf life, is not prone to cracks and tastes superb. Very tasty as a snack or in salads, and also ideal for hot dishes since heating makes it taste even sweeter. It keeps its flavour and firmness in hot dishes. It has a high Brix, offers large cluster formation, and is easy to harvest despite the smaller fruit.

Its specific characteristics are:

  • - Delicious, crisp tomato
  • - Large, easy-to-harvest clusters
  • - Good production
  • - Good shelf life
  • - Low crack susceptibility
  • - Ideal as a snack and in hot dishes
  • - Good balance between sweet and sour, with an aromatic aftertaste

Our Japanese customer even tasted an umami flavour (the taste of deliciousness) in the HW101. In Japan, everything is selected for taste and shelf life, making the HW101 a good choice there.

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Tomaatblaadjes - HW Seeds BV

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