Our tomato varieties

HW Seeds focuses on smaller breeds, cherry tomatoes (loose and vine), mini, Santa (plum), and all colours and specialities.

While taste, quality and shelf life are paramount, the plants must also provide a sufficient crop.

HW Seeds is a breeding company that selectively offers its varieties to partners in various countries under jointly agreed conditions.

HW Seeds is a highly innovative company. We have a very progressive outlook, and therefore do all we can to keep on improving year after year. We have been active for around ten years, five of which under the "HW Seeds" brand, and are therefore proudly able to present a selection of unique tomato varieties.

You will be amazed by the varieties we have to offer, and you are guaranteed not to find them anywhere else.

HW101 - HW Seeds BV


11 December 2020 - The HW101 has a mini Santa shape, weighs 4 grams, is very crisp and provides a... Read more

Orange-red and red. 45–50 grams. - HW Seeds BV


11 December 2020 - HW Seeds offers a range of cocktail tomatoes, roughly divided into smaller types... Read more

Tomaatblaadjes - HW Seeds BV

Latest news

HWSeeds receives 3-star superior taste award - HW Seeds BV

Award for Kazuti

3 June 2024

HWSeeds is proud to announce that we have been awarded the 3 star superior taste award for Kazuti by...

Hiiros, Kazuti variety by HWSeeds - HW Seeds BV

Hiiros, Kazuti variety

13 March 2023

Hiiros (Kazuti variety by HWSeeds) is a great succes all over the world. Naturefresh Farms made a ve...

Cees and Nynke with their beautiful company in Sweden - HW Seeds BV

In the picture: Karintorps

10 July 2021

Cees and Nynke from Karintorps in Sweden in the picture with their beautiful company and large varie...

Tomaatblaadjes - HW Seeds BV

Assessment of the Arieco mini Santa after 11 weeks in the greenhouse

Compared with HW Seeds's Milenco Santa red, the Arieco has a completely different cluster structure, is full of fruit, has a good arrangement, and the first tomatoes that were recently harvested already taste great. The taste can only get better, bec...

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